Promotion Notification Bs17-Bs18 August 2011 Issued By School Education Department Punjab

Government of the Punajb School Edu Deptt has issued the Promotion Notification 17-18 on 30 August 2011. According to Notification SO (SE-I)20-172/2011 dated 30-August-2011, Government of the Punjab School Education Department 98 SS and HM Male has been promoted to BPS-18. There DPC was held on 27-28 May-2011. These officer are from General Cadre and promoted from BPS-17 to BPS-18 with immediate effect. In the notification their new place of posting is also given and these officers has to join their new place of posting within 15 days. These officers are bound to serve 3 years at their new places of postings as per School Education Department procedure. Erratic posting in not allowed in any case by this notification and in case of no post of BS 18 the officer has to report School Education Department without nay delay for further process and posting / adjustment to new location. The links is given below to down load the notification issued by Government of the Punjab School Education Department.

BS-17 to Bs-18 Promotion August 2011

  1. dear uncle!!
    my mother is dy.district education officer. she does not want to work on this post due to her poor health.Moreover she has BS-17 while the seat of dy.d.e.o is of BS-18.several times she had given application for correct posting to her officers but no action is taken.She is working on an erratic post while erratic posting is nt allowed to all over pakistan according to Honourable Supreme Court of Pakkistan. can you help me in this regard???

    1. Dear Baati, #1. ask your mother to write an application to Secretary School Education Punjab, one Through Proper Channel and Other CONFIDENTIAL copy directly. Requesting due to poor health and erratic posting as you write on the post above. I hope that she will be relived. #2. In this application nominate the best suitable substitute. And ask the high up to verify it. #3. Very important…Write Clearly where your mum want her next posting, as Head Mistress of School (Which school, is the post is vacant,,,etc). So that your mother should be adjusted/ transfer accordingly. Dy DEO seat is very laborious for honest officers. OK dear?

  2. pllzzzzzzzzzzzz help me is geo physics is equal to physics for SSE phy.math.have some one notification plzzzz give me.its is question of my future plzzzzzzzzz

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