SMS of Today By Our Youngs : UShare

The SMS you daily receive from your friends are not only the creativity but also urge you to think in a very light mood. But in the message below Faraz mean a symbol of relating something to other who have great qualities and well known. Here we are not talking about the Poetry of our great Poet Mr. Faraaz Ahmad Faraaz Sahib. Who is known as poet of youth. Every one who read Faraz likes him as when you are young you think like Faraz thought. I may be my personal opinion, some may agree and some may not. But farz Ahmad Faraz will live in our heart and mind for ever as a good memory of our youth. We shared here the what UShare. If these Ashaar bring smile on your face, it mean that our friend A. Rauf  did a great job. As in Karachi the things are not well now a days, but I appricate the Zibda Dilli of our friend. God bless all.

Please share what benefit other or bring a smile… Comment please on the above, Thanks