Eid Will Be On 31-August-2011 in Pakistan

Eid Will Be On 31-August-2011 in Pakistan. As per the predication of meteorology the Eid Ul Fitr will be on 31-August-2011 in Pakistan. But in Kahbir PaktoonKawa it may be on 29-August. As per religious scholars if there are 29 Rozaa’s then Eid ul Fitr will be on 31-Augut and in case of 30 Rozaa’s the Eid Ul Fitr will be on 1-September 2011. What ever the case may be but Ramazan is the month of blessings and self control. Ramazan teaches us to sacrifice all material thing for the sake of Allah. And Eid is the other prize after Ramazan. We pray to Allah that he showers his blessing on all the houses in Pakistan. Peace, progress and prosperity should be every where in every home of Pakistan. Ameen. Ramazan Mubarik and  Eid Mubarik to All Friends.

Please share your Duaa’s here from the core of your heart.  مہر بانی فرما کر اپنی دلی دعائیں شیئر کریں تاکہ تما م ساتھیو ں میں تحریک پیدا ہو۔ اللہ ہمیں اچھے اعمال کی ہمت دے۔ نیکی کریں اور نیکی پھلائیں۔