Prize Money For Good Teacher Is 1.2 Billion- Incentive By Govt To Teachers Punjab 2011

The Government of the Punjab will distribute Rupees 1.2 billion among the good Teachers whose results were good in the exam 2011. This is a great new for all the hardworking teachers and an incentive for the new teachers. These kinds of incentives are motivation for all the teachers. Now the question is to expedite it timely and with transparency so that all deserving teachers can get their share wit out any hanky panky.Advance Mubarik to All the Teachers, as recognizing the Teachers contribution on govt level is a good gesture.

Please Comment… Teachers recognition in the society is must for progress of Pakistan…

  1. Sir it is a good step yet those deserving teachers will be deprived of this incentive (in spite of all their best efforts to teach effectively), who have become the victim of the faulty systems of the BISEs while compiling results.

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