Teachers & School Personal Data And Education News 5 January 2013

Teachers & School Personal Data And Education News 5 January 2013. According to details the govt of the Punjab planned to get the personal data of teachers and schools. After spending billion of rupees, NO change and improvement in elementary is a question mark on the performance of DSD Punjab Lahore, Elementary DPI and Secretary Education.  Secretary Education Punjab also worked as head of DSD Punjab and he is serving for Education department for more than 10 years but still No improvement in elementary education.  It is also in the discussion of Punjab Teachers Union that DSD Punjab failed to produce 50 good trainers in the 36 districts of Punjab after imparting training for the last 6 years. Some Teachers Trainers told that DSD do NOT has quality teachers. The Trainers are selected by ONE Man at DSD and favoritism at full swing in DSD Punjab. DTEs are being crushed and demoralized by DSD Officials and DTEs are not given the next grade after serving for more than 5 years. It is also reporated by DTEs that the person who is expert in filling the CTSC file is the best. All are playing with the figures. The Tecaher Educators requested to End this Drama and equip the schools and laboratories with all AV aids as are in Danish Schools.
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  1. sir aoa,i am a pst teacher aur mn nay apna personal adta nikalna ho tou kesay niklay ga. plz guide me

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