GFP Revised Ratio 2011 of Government Servants

Our friend Mr. Atta Ul Haq Bhatti has shared for your benefit Grade 1 to Grade 22 GPF ratio of deduction (Revised Pay Scale 2011 wise). The chart is given below in this regard. The B.F. (Benevolent Fund) deduction is 3% at the running basic pay. While G.I. (Group Insurance)  and GPF are different in ratio as per Revised Basic Pay Scales 2011. See the details below about GPF in first column the Grade (BPS) is mention and right in-front of it the amount deduction in Pakistani Rupees:

BPS (Grade) Amount
BPS-1—@Rs=212. BPS-2—@Rs=373. BPS-3—@Rs=403. BPS-4—@Rs=433. BPS-5—@Rs=465. BPS-6—@Rs=498. BPS-7—@Rs=530. BPS-8—@Rs=563. BPS-9@Rs=595. BPS-10@Rs=635. BPS-11—@Rs=675. BPS-12—@Rs=1160. BPS-13—@Rs=1260. BPS-14—@Rs=1372. BPS-15—@Rs=1520. BPS-16—@Rs=1760. BPS-17—@Rs=2240. BPS-18—@Rs=2800. BPS-19—@Rs=3760. BPS-20—@Rs=4196. BPS-21—@Rs4656. And BPS-22—@Rs=5148.

Remember these are the new rates and implemented since July-2011. Due to increase in GFP, BF and GI you may see some ups and down in your net pay. Do not worry as this amount of GPF is all yours;  just like a committee (GPF isi tarah say hay jaisay hum comatti dalaty hain). You can with draw a portion of it when ever you need it. Gazetted officers (BPS-16 to BPS-22) are themselves DDO in this regard. While Non Gazetted Officer has to apply thorough his/her Head Teacher/ department head.

If you have any question or want any detail, please do ask and don’t forget to comment. Please also appreciate the sharing of our friend Atta Ul Haq and all other who are contributing day and night to this blog for the benefit of others. اللہ ہمیں آسانیاں بانٹنے کی طاقت دے۔آمین

  1. sir mairy abu 25 sal ky bad retired hogye han or un ka gp fund 105000 bana hy par logon ka zaiya da bana tha jo pahly retired hoy thy or abu ka scale 9 hy or 4 mounth pahly retired howy thy

    1. sir, G P Fund Intrest Rate ka Formula Rate of Subscription x 6.50 x opening balance x rate of intrest/500 ha.
      Opening Balance Kaya ho ga new employee ka agar us ko 5 months howay ha service main BPS-07 ha aur year 2005 ha. Please give me detail example for this according formula up to date financial year 2011-12. I will be very Thanks ful to you. Sir.

  2. Dear Chief Coordinator.
    My Mom is govt employs in health department. she has been serving from a long time.
    she is still in job. not retired yet she can do a job 3 years more. so we need Gp fund therefore i got the current year slip its around 8 lac amount has been made.. when i have meet with Account officier he give me an offer that i should give him 20 % and he will give me double Gp fund .. and that time i was stuck . is this possible?????
    another thing he had tell me tht i will going to revise the rates of gp funds via that way ur Gp becomes Double .
    is that True?????
    another thing i want to ask that how can i get Gp fund of my mom? we want to withdrawal my mom is nurse bps 17..
    plz suggest and guide me
    Riaz Chandio

  3. dear sir what is the rate of G.P fund now?
    and what is the difference between C.P fund and G.p fund? what is the rate of Benevolent fund now in December 2012.plz reply me on

  4. Dear plz uplaod the GPF Advance (refundable and non refundable) rules regarding Autonomous bodies.
    who can sanction the advances of employees (Gazetted and Non-gazetted) of Autonomous bodies

  5. what is the main formula for GPF calculation and 6.5 as mentioned stands for what ? and why the division of 500 factor be there please mention detailfully thanks for co-ordination

  6. Dear Sir(s),Assalam o Alaikum!
    Your effort is really appreciable. May Allah give you its reward. I require G.P. Fund subscription rates since they became compulsory from BS-17 to BS-20.I shall be highly grateful to you if you may kindly mail me.
    Jazak Allah Khair.

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